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Log Net Based on Logging DB
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We are setting up logging data center, in which integrates with reservoir properties, logs, core data, interpretation results and well testing data. It is a platform of data sharing and co-working to characterize reservoir.

1.1 The Logging Database:

1. Log DB, Core DB, Interpretation DB and Geography DB

2. To transmit automatically well-site raw data and view logging information with Real-time Log DB

3. To integrate all kinds of data in objective section with formation evaluation DB

1.2 Interpretation DB:

1. The Geology of formation

2. Lithology, Porosity, Resistivity, Saturation and Permeability of formation

3. Interpretation Modelsand Charts, Identification Standards and Casing Charts

1.3 Core DB:

1. Core analysis data

2. Interpretation Models and parameters

1.4 Log DB:

well logging data, mud logging data, coring data, interpretation data and well testing data and so on.

1.5 Log Net:

1. To integrate exploration and production phase together with network and database.

2. To improve data transmission and service efficiency

3. To collect all kinds of data and present formation evaluation results quickly to clients

4. Realtime Data Transmission In Wellsite

5. Realtime Monitor and Remote Control in Operation Base

Realtime transmission and Co-working Platform is Developed. It improve operation efficiency per well with3 hours less than before.