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In the East Gobi Province of Mongolia, it is very cold and windy but the international division is busy working on ZH3-07 Well for the mud logging job.


Mr. Hu is a sample catcher just graduating from the university in recent years. He invented a very efficient specialized handle for getting sample plate out of baking oven.


The handle overcame the disadvantages of the pliers used before. It can help protect the hand from being burned and prevent the sample plate from being dropped to the ground. The journalist had a try of the tool and discovered it was very efficient. To our surprise, the materials used to make the handle are waste iron strips and cloth strips.


The project manager Mr. Shi Zhixin said that there were a lot of waste iron strips on the well site and making such tools is to turn waste into wealth. It is the fruit of combining knowledge and production. They plan to spread the use of this small tool in the project department. They also want to use this tool to participate in the “Five Little Achievements” match of our company.


Baking sand is an ordinary job, but we can use our knowledge and wisdom in it and turn waste into wealth.