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On December 1st, 2011, the Multi-Pole Array sonic Logging Tool (MPAL) researched and developed independently by China Petroleum Logging CO., Ltd. (CPL), got the qualified logging data when working for the first time on the Tatar Oilfield in Russia, gaining international reputation for our domestic equipment.


According to the technical service contract signed between China and Russia, the technicians arrived at Bugulma Base on November 7th and started the preparation work for the operation at once. In order to ensure the first performance of MPAL to be successful in Russia, with the help from the company, the international division formed a team of four people including project manager, data acquisition, equipment maintenance and interpretation engineers. Against the difficulties of chilliness and material shortage, the group updated the functions of Russian in-use EILog system and overcame the breakdown of down hole instruments caused by international transportation. Besides, they completed the debugging of acquisition software, the ground matching of downhole instruments, the testing work of instruments on the experiment well, accumulating experiences for later production.


On the late night of November 27th, the technicians, with the help of Russian partners, drove more than 200 kilometers to Tatar Oilfield to do the logging job preparation of MPAL. During the next three days, logging engineers of both China and Russia overcame potential accidents and completed logging task with safety, good quality and high efficiency. The MPAL got qualified logging data and was verified with accuracy, repeatability and consistency. The Russian technician Yiliciyar highly praised MPAL, saying that the new-type MPAL can bear both surface low temperature and downhole high temperature, help a lot for parameters to confirm formation lithology, predict capacity, assess porosity and permeability, and describe accurately about the heavy oil production fracture. The logging data meet all the technical requirements of his company and MPAL is reliable equipment.


In the process of checking the equipment, the journalist from Russian Geophysics Newspaper interviewed our technicians and made a graphic report about the MPAL.