Data consulting

9.1 LEAD3.0 interpretation software

LEAD 3.0 has set up 380 copies, which can provide open-hole, cased-hole logging interpretation, imaging process services with job procedure, integration based on network and database .

9.2 Real-time Database

1. Get raw data automatically and logging information

2. Importing logging data, coring data, other data for database quickly.

3. Improving the efficiency of data querying and entering.

4. Complete data process, parameters calculation, plotting and presentation with job procedure (1 hours less than before)

5. Imaging process and data sharing for many persons on array induction logging, array acoustic logging , resisitivity imgaing and NMR analysis with network and database

6. Get directly the formation water data, core data of different formation and improve the accuracy of parameters.

7. Get interpretation charts realtime and help log analyst to identify the complex reservoir with expert knowledge base.

8. Logging interpretation for deviated and horizontal well, it provides the trajectory of well borehole and dimension of formation.

9. Output automatically interpretation report, audit record and ERP report

10. Improve the working efficiency through special software.

9.3 Tight Gas Reservoir Evaluation

Optimizing logging items, determining the correct layer and plotting the charts in time.

9.4 Carbonate Reservoir Evaluation

Characterizing fractures and vugs integrated with imager and conventional log.

9.5 Coal-bed Methane Reservoir Evaluation

Evaluating the structure of coal-bed and gas volume of coal-bedintegrated with imager and conventional log.

9.6 Lava Reservoir Evaluation

Building the charts of lithology and fluid identification and improving the interpretation accuracy.

9.10 Oil Sand (Cananda) Reservoir Evaluation

Researching the interpretation methods of identifying the lithology, calculating the permeability and saturation.