Mission, Goals & Strategies

CPL always deems to provide high quality services and efficiency in full process of oil field exploration and development with advanced technologies in accordance with technical requirements in hydrocarbon reserves and production. CPL is proud of EILogTM Express and Imaging Logging System and is hit by a large amount of records in public confidence.

Nowadays CPL has the pleasure to introduce logging tools and facilities in public, they are production logging tools, imaging logging suites, such as, array induction log, micro resistivity scanning log, lateral array log, ultrasonic imaging log, array sonic log, multi-frequency nuclear magnetic resonance log; developed and manufactured FELWD (Formation Evaluation Logging while Drilling) consisting of continuous inclinometer, natural gamma ray log, induction resistivity log, electromagnetic wave resistivity log and controllable neutron source tools; upgrade and improved PLT and residual oil formation evaluation logging; formed PetroChina logging technology with equipment package, DCT (Digital Core Technology) and unification Lead 3.0 software as the core.

CPL not only serves for today, also aims at tomorrow, which will provide through-casing resistivity log tools, modular dynamic formation tester, 3D induction and rotary sidewall coring tools and controllable-neutron-source loggings tools by further client demands.

CPL offers multiple choices based on our client needs;

CPL ensures excellent delivery service available anytime, anywhere;

CPL guarantees best quality facilities and offers to our clients.