Achievements and Social Evaluation

The Company has gained fine achievements in oil and gas field exploration and development, which is highly praised by the Oil Field Corporation.

It has provided effective approaches to solve the geographical problems inSulige Gas Field, and made contributions to discovering the super-large gas field.

Its horizontal well logging techniques are mature. The fulfillment of horizontal well logging was 46 well/time in the year 2002, of which double-step horizontal well logging was 8 well/time, and 4 of them with horizontal displacement exceeding 600 meters.

Its successful percentage of primary barefoot well logging is 96.8%, and interpretation conformity is 87.2%.

It has a good command of techniques and been furnished with a complete set of equipment, which makes it possible to conduct production well logging in the casing well with a wellhead pressure being lower than 70 megabar.

Its application rate of tubing conveyed perforation is up to 87.6%.

Its long-span and multiplayer primary perforation techniques are mature, with 336 meters being the maximum span of primary detonation.

Its fulfillment of hyper-normal pressure perforation operations and applicable perforation operations are 1260 wells in total.